• Hard wax - 16oz

Hard wax - 16oz

What Makes our wax STAND OUT?

Relax & Wax Hard Wax contains only three natural ingredients Colophonium rosin, vegetable oil, and microcrystalline. The only other ingredient in our wax is a touch of an essential oil. The Key ingredient is Colophonium rosin. This is a highly refined rosin.  This process makes for a non sticky wax that leaves no residue on the skin. It also makes the wax extremely pliable so your wax will not break on you. With Relax & Wax our Key ingredients are actually our lack of ingredients! Your clients will have less reaction, less irritation, less discomfort, and will leave with smooth soft skin.  

* Our wax is a low temperature wax. Ideal temperature is between 130-135 degrees 

Ingredients: Colophonium rosin, vegetable oil, microcrystalline wax, essential oil 

For Professional Use Only