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Deborah Merhar has been a licensed esthetician and waxing educator in the spa industry for over 15 years. She owns Ivy Day Spa in Reno and developed the Relax and Wax line of depilatory products because she believes that waxing should not be a painful process.

As an Esthetician I have tried every product on the market, even scouring drug store shelves, trying to obtain pain free waxing results for my clients. When I finally found one that actually worked, the cost was prohibitive and you needed a prescription. But, I knew I was on to something and the search was on. Topical solutions that did desensitize the skin were not compatible with the wax and the ones that allowed the wax to do it’s job did nothing to ease the pain. But, I would not give up – there had to be an answer! Combination after combination, disappointment after disappointment, month after month, then success! Finally, an external analgesic in a water based product that did not interfere with the wax.

I have been using this product for over 12 years with rave reviews and very happy clients. I have new clients calling weekly. They have heard about it, they want it, and now you can have it too!

Test it for yourself. Apply NO-SCREAM CREAM to half of the area of a Bikini or Brazilian Bikini Wax. Wax the untreated side first, then wax the area you applied NO-SCREAM CREAM. Then experience the delight of painless waxing for yourself.

As the professional, see the look of amazement on your client’s faces, the smiles, then see your retail sales skyrocket. 95% of my bikini waxing clients have purchased NO-SCREAM CREAM and most won’t get waxed without it!


Deborah Merhar was the original creator of a numbing product made specifically for waxing! After a year of FDA testing, her original formula of 20% Benzocaine was approved. To this date, nothing better has even come close...No Scream Cream is simply the BEST