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 Meet Debbie

Debbie Merhar first became a cosmetologist, too many
years ago to mention, but honestly, she did not have a
passion for hair and soon gave it up. Not only for herself but 
for her future clients as well. Then in 1999 Debbie returned to 
the field and found her life's passion, becoming an 
esthetician. Then shortly after, Brazilian Bikini waxing
was the new thing. Being the only Esthetician in her town performing this service she filled her books quickly. And 
soon became known as the person to see to get a Brazilian wax. 

There was only one problem. Brazilian Bikini waxing hurt! There simply were not any products on the market to ease the discomfort from waxing. So her search began. She scoured drug store shelves, talked to pharmacists, doctors, searching for something to numb the skin. What was available and numbed the skin, you could not wax over and what you could wax over did not numb the skin at all. Then one day a visit to her dentist changed waxing forever. Her dentist applied a cherry flavored gel on her gum to numb the area before he gave her an injection. She soon found an amazing chemist and laboratory to see her vision come to life. It took several attempts to find the correct combination of ingredients and one full year of FDA testing before No Scream Cream was born. Debbie is quick to admit she was not trying to develop a product line, she was simply trying to find products that worked and would benefit her clients. Not finding any, she developed her own. 

Fast forward to 2020, Relax & Wax has grown from 1 single product to 13 original products with more on the way! All Relax & Wax labeled products are developed by Debbie. Not one of her Relax & Wax products are private labeled, each are original formulas. (with the exception of our wax pot cleaner and general supplies like sticks and strips) 

Relax & Wax has a full line of award winning pre and post products and an award winning wax line. Inventive ingredients and products that work are her signature. 


         Meet Michelle

Debbie could not possibly do this by herself so she brought in the most talented, organized, person she knew, her daughter Michelle. Michelle started her own company, and became the fulfillment center hired by Relax & Wax to process and fill all orders, and maintain Relax & Wax’s growing inventory. Michelle prides herself by providing customers with the best customer service in the industry. It truly is a labor of love and a family run business.

In 2018 Michelle's son Jasen joined the family business. Jasen, has proved to be a valued asset to Relax & Wax. Like his grandmother, he is not short on innovative ideas. The three of us are beyond excited and honored, not only to work together as a family but to offer you, our clients the very best products and service possible!