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Grow Your Business With 
Hair Did It Go?
A Hair Retarding Enzyme 

What is it?

A powerful hair retarding enzyme that leave your client silky smooth in as little as 5-15 treatments. Works on any hair color, type of hair, or skin tone. Results compare to those with laser.

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How do I sell it to my clients?

You sell Hair Did It Go? to your clients as an add on treatment to their wax service. Each bag of Hair did it Go? comes with 10 complete treatments. This is 10 opportunities for you to up-sell your regular wax service.

Why should I want to make my client hair free?

Watch the video below and hear Debbie explain why making your clients hair free is actually GOOD for your business. 

How much can I charge by offering this as an add on treatment?

Our customers have no problem offering Hair Did It Go? as an after wax treatment for $15-$25 per treatment.

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Potential Profit

Your Cost: $50 plus shipping.

Potential Total Up-sell: $250

Potential Total Profit: $200

*Hair Did it Go Hair Inhibiting Enzyme
*Hair Did it Go Hair Inhibiting Enzyme

*Hair Did it Go Hair Inhibiting Enzyme

$ 60.00
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