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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Relax & Wax!

Where your waxing skills improve to the next level with your first can of wax!
Training is the key to being a successful Waxologist.  It’s what sets you apart, gives you confidence and the skills to succeed.  Our program is a step by step training program that not only teaches you the basics but guides you into advanced skills.
The videos are arranged head to toe and all body areas are covered and all body types.  There are videos in real time and videos broken down step by step.  No videos have been edited.  You can not edit your services in your treatment room.  What ever happens happens and I show you how to correct it.
There is a trouble shooting section
You will also learn proper technique, and positioning
You will learn sanitation
 There is also a marketing section with ways to build your business.
What are your options for employment?
How to go about raising your prices
You will find articles regarding ingrown hair, how to get a great wax, waxing protocols, how to tell which wax is best for you, and many more.
Videos and articles are added regularly
You will also have access to me.  I will answer your questions and help you succeed.
Jump in, have fun, and become a success at head to toe waxing!
A one year subscription is $139.00