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Free Waxing Training Video Course

Our mission: To empower estheticians with knowledge, skills, and confidence to help you thrive in your career.

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Welcome, Fellow Estheticians!

Hello, I am Deboarah Merhar, the founder of Relax & Wax, and I'm thrilled to personally invite you to my free wax training course. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, I understand the challenges and opportunities that come with being a skincare professional. That's why I'm committed to providing resources and support to help you succeed in your career.

Our free wax training course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel in the competitive world of esthetics. I'm excited to share my expertise with you and support you on your journey to success. Let's elevate your waxing skills together!

Frequently Asked Questions

Course Material:

Our wax training course covers a wide range of topics, including:

Female Brazilian Waxing

  • Female Brazilian (x8)
  • Female Brazilian- Working With Folds In The Skin
  • Female Full Figure Brazilian (x2)
  • Female Brazilian In Real Time (x2)
  • Female Brazilians- With Trimming
  • Bikini Wax
  • "Her First Brazilian" (x2)
  • Pregnant Brazilian

Step By Step Waxing

  • Step By Step Female Brazilian
  • Step By Step Female Bikini Wax
  • Step By Step Female Underarm Wax
  • Step By Step Full Face Waxing
  • Step By Step Full Face Waxing On Reactive Client
  • Step By Step Female Lip Waxing
  • Step By Step Full Leg Wax
  • Step By Step Male Toe Waxing

Female Waxing

  • Female full face wax (x3)
  • Female full face wax with difficult hair growth
  • Female Nose Wax
  • Female Full Arm Wax
  • Female 1/2 Leg Wax (x2)

Male Waxing

  • Man Scaping
  • Male Nose Wax With Beard
  • Male Ear & Nose Wax
  • Full Male Back Wax (x3)
  • Male Arm Waxing (x2)
  • Male Chest Waxing (x2)
  • Full Male Leg Wax
  • Male Brazilian Wax (x2)

+13 Other Trouble Shooting Videos!

Video Course Reviews

Amanda Banks
Verified review

Even as a seasoned professional, when I went Solo 2 years ago, leaving the Medical Field, I was so grateful to Find Debbie (Owner), Relax & Wax, and the videos. Of course I had waxed both men and women, but I hadn't waxed in about 4 years. Watching the videos as a refresher gave me the confidence I needed to start building my book again thousands of miles away from all my previous waxing clients.

Sheila N
Verified review

I am so excited to be here!!! Thank you for offering samples!! I am a new esthetician and waxing is my main goal to becoming licensed!! I can't wait to try the products. Your videos are so helpful and I love how knowledgeable you are and willing to teach it.

AnnMarie S
Verified review

Hello! I’m an Esthetic Educator with Tricoci university in Elgin, IL.  I was fortunate to find your website and I’m so thankful for the access to your free videos. I watched so many and purchased products! Some of my clients are so excited for me to use your wax and No Scream Cream. Thank you for the access to the videos, the passion for a more pure wax and I’m really impressed how you deal with people around you. I saw some people would ask rude questions and you always handled it with grace and kindness. Thank you and I can’t wait to start playing with the wax!!