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*Hard Wax Muffins - 2.2 lbs (34oz)

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Relax & Wax Hard Wax contains only three natural ingredients colophonium rosin, vegetable oil, and microcrystalline. 

The key ingredient is Colophonium rosin. This highly refined rosin makes for an extremely pliable, non-sticky wax that won't break or leave wax residue on the skin.

Due to our lack of ingredients, your clients will have less reaction, less irritation, less discomfort, and will leave with smooth soft skin.
This is a low-temperature wax, the ideal temperature is between 130-135 degrees.
For Professional Use Only

The Key ingredient is Colophonium rosin. This is a highly refined rosin. As with all Relax & Wax waxes our key ingredients are actually our lack of ingredients! With less ingredients and added fillers your clients will have less reaction, less irritation, less discomfort, and will leave with smooth soft skin.

Wax.. What's The Real Difference?


What makes Relax & Wax wax so wonderful is our base wax. We use Colophonium Rosin, a highly refined Rosin derived from pine trees.

Our wax base is non-sticky and leaves no wax residue behind (As it should!).

Our wax is natural and contains NO plastic (polymer). NONE. Again, there is no plastic whatsoever in any of our wax. 

Types of wax bases:

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
To soft and stretchy

I love the natural scent and had high hopes for this wax, but it's just not for me. At first I thought it was a learning curve but it isn't. I've tried at least 10 brands and this is the only one I find difficult to work with. If you prefer a more flexible hard this may be for you though.

Tricia(Patricia) DeGeeter
Hard wax WOW

I LOVE this wax. I’ve used another brand for almost 20 years. I came across this wax on Instagram and thought how cute the logo. Tried the hard wax and couldn’t believe every time every root came off. Just ordered the hard wax muffins. So in love!! I love when estheticians make products for other estheticians. We are the ones that know what we’ll love the most!!! Thank you so much 💕🥳

Patricia M
Great Natural Hard Wax Formula

I loved my experience using this formula especially for Brazilian waxing! It has been a little challenging getting used to as somebody who typically uses a polymer formula. I am struggling to find the right temperature and consistency but I think I can get the hang of it soon. I know natural wax formulas are a little different. I was looking for a vegan, eco friendly option and I found it. This wax does need to be applied thicker than what I am used to with polymer formulas but I have just switched to soft wax roller cartridges for larger areas like the back, legs and arms! I have had issues with cracking on larger areas because I'm used to applying wax very thin and making wide and long strips. Great formula and I will most likely buy again if I can figure out how to get the right consistency!!

Janna E
My new favorite hard wax.

I got this product by accident in a different order, I tried it and was very impressed. Low melt temp, quick drying, flexable, clean removal, I love this wax for Brazilian waxes.

Tanja R
Great wax

This wax does a great job on Brazilian waxing. The melting point is fairly low, so it’s comfortable for my clients

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