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*Cream Wax - 16oz can


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You're going to love our award winning cream wax! We added microcrystalline, which makes hard waxes “hard” this added ingredient makes this the perfect blended wax for sensitive skin, compromised skin, and for those who prefer a cream wax on delicate areas. Our cream wax has the consistency of a thin custard, it spreads smoothly and is never sticky. The ideal temperature is 135-140 degrees for this low temperature wax. For Professional Use Only


    The Key ingredient is microcrystalline wax. As with all Relax & Wax waxes our key ingredients are actually our lack of ingredients! With less ingredients and added fillers your clients will have less reaction, less irritation, less discomfort, and will leave with smooth soft skin.
    Colophonium (gum rosin), vegetable oil, microcrystalline wax, titanium dioxide, paraffin wax, parafinium liquidum, essential oil
    Cream Wax is the most moisturizing and the most gentle on the skin of the soft waxes. The consistency of our cream wax is that of a thin custard. It should not be runny but instead coat your stick as a custard would, but not as thick as the hard wax. It can be applied either very thin or on the thicker side which ever you prefer. I like it a bit on the thicker side to make sure I get all the hair in one pull. Apply the wax with your wood applicator using the proper angle and pressure. You must get the wax to the base of the hair and to the skin to avoid breaking hair. After applying the wax to one area of the body, use your wax strip to remove. I recommend that your pulls are the same width as your applicator stick. This insures, as with all wax that you do not break hair and there will be less discomfort for your client. You should apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth and remove the strip in the opposite direction and pull parallel to the skin in a quick pull. There are several different types of wax removal strips. I prefer the non woven strips. If you chose to do face and Brazilian waxing with a soft wax, I highly recommend the cream wax be your wax choice. The ideal temperature is 135-140 degrees for our low temperature wax.
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