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Wax.. What's The Difference?

Wax.. What's The Difference?

What makes Relax & Wax wax so wonderful is our base wax. We use Colophonium Rosin, a highly refined Rosin derived from pine trees. Our wax base is non sticky and leaves no wax residue behind (As it should!).


Our wax is natural and contains NO plastic. Want to find out if there is plastic in your wax? Check your wax ingredients and look for ingredients with the word "Polymer".

Different Types Of Wax Bases:
  • Honey. Honey is sticky. Requires a pre-cleanse to the area to rid the body of oils, sweat, etc. Then you must powder to keep the honey base wax from sticking to the skin. If you rub your strip too much you will remove the powder and the wax will stick to the skin which in turn can cause bruising and lifting.
  • Pine Resin. This resin comes from pine trees, it is pine tree sap and it's sticky! Powder or oil is necessary. Leaves wax residue on the skin after removal.
  • Rosin. Less sticky, more pliable. No powder or oil is necessary. Leaves less wax residue on the skin once removed.
  • Beeswax: Can be sticky. Most manufacturers suggest a pre-cleanse and powder or a light oil on the skin prior to applying this wax.
  • Soy: Can be as sticky as a honey wax. Soy is one of the top ten things people are allergic to so if you chose this wax do not use it on anyone who is allergic to soy or soy products or soy by-products.
  • Polymer (Plastic): Plastic is not as pliable and will break. It can also be very stringy and not biodegradable.
  • Colophonium Rosin (used in all our waxes). A highly refined Rosin. Non-sticky and no wax residue left behind.

What To Make Of All This?

Our wax base (Colophonium Rosin) does not leave the skin sticky after removal and it is also the most pliable. Colophonium Rosin dries much faster. It is also biodegradable.
Want to see it in action? Watch me explain all 3 of my waxes by clicking here or click the button below.
If you're in a rush, fast forward to the 1:30 mark to see the magic.

My Unbiased Opinion On Wax
Wax is a very personal choice. We like what we like. Sometimes we get comfortable and proficient with a wax brand and stick with it. Sometimes we are certain there is a better wax out there and continue our search. There is no right or wrong wax, it’s a choice. We must do what is best for each of us. My only suggestion when deciding if you are using the best wax for you, is to ask yourself these questions.
Does my wax work against me?
Am I fighting with my wax to perform correctly?
Is my wax the boss of me?
You should always use a wax that makes you a better waxer. One that works with you, one that is forgiving and makes your job easier. You do not want a wax you have to fight with.

There are many different waxes, and a lot of difference in their performance. I don’t suggest buying a can of every wax on the market, lining them up and trying each one, it’s just too confusing and expensive. Instead, choose several waxes with different bases and find the base you like first. It will save you time, money, and confusion.
I also recommend attending trade shows whenever possible. It is a great way to try out as many wax brands as you can. Your perfect wax is out there waiting for you! I hope you will consider Relax & Wax during your search for your forever wax. Of course I’m here to say “try mine, it’s the best!” And honestly, I believe that it is.

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