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The Guide To The Perfect Wax 

Before Your Appointment 

Grow Out The Hair

For your first wax, allow your hair to grow for (4) weeks before your first appointment. Stay on this schedule until your esthetician advises you otherwise. When it comes to waxing, it’s not how long you hair is, it’s how long your hair has been growing thats important. Your goal is to be hair free right? Let you hair grow for (4) weeks prior to waxing and then every (4) weeks until your Esthetician advises you otherwise. Staying on a (4) four week schedule trains your hair to all grow in at the same time. Staying on schedule weakens your hair and it becomes thinner and weaker with each wax.  

Avoid Lotions/Body Oils

Avoid all lotions and oils on the day of your waxing appointment.  These products will interfere with your waxing service, leaving a residue behind, which will not allow the wax to work property.  


Exfoliation is the key to a great wax. It is recommend that you exfoliate at least 3 times per week & always lightly exfoliate on the day of your waxing appointment. We recommended using our Relax & Wax Scrub 'Me' Luscious Body Scrub prior to your waxing appointment. Dead skin build-up will not allow the hair to pop through the top layer of the skin. Exfoliating away dead skin will allow the hair to be at the surface level and easier for the wax to grab on to. Do not exfoliate to point where your skin is sore. Our scrub is water based and will not leave your skin oily or greasy. 

Numb it up!

If you are nervous about your waxing hurting, apply a topical numbing cream such as No-Scream Cream 45 minutes prior to your waxing appointment. No Scream Cream contains 20% benzocaine and will numb your skin and take the discomfort down an average of 50-80%. Follow the directions when using No Scream Cream.  Not using it properly will diminish its effectiveness

During Your Appointment 

Remember to breathe

Holding your breath can cause you to tense up. Exhaling during the pull relaxes you. Depending on what you are getting waxed, you will be gently guided into positions that assure the best wax. Your esthetician may even ask you to help hold the skin tight. The tighter the skin, the less it hurts. 


Don’t forget to communicate with your esthetician. Your waxer will give you a consent form, be honest when filling it out. Not informing your waxer about products and prescriptions, even over the counter drugs, can cause your skin to lift or bruise. Discomfort from hair removal is to be expected but if you are experiencing any other discomforts such as the wax being too hot, immediately inform your esthetician.

Treat The Trauma

Minor blood spotting is normal, especially if your hair has been shaved over a period of time or if your hair is coarse and thick. After your waxing is complete, a post-waxing cleanse and calming gel may be applied. We recommend our Relax & Wax No Trauma Momma. The natural blend of botanicals in our No Trauma Momma will aid in the healing of skin irritation and inflammation. All while increasing moisturization to treat dry, damaged skin and "traumatized" skin.

Schedule Another Appointment

Schedule your next waxing appointment before you leave your current appointment. Keeping on a schedule will help you to maintain smooth skin and will greatly decrease the hair that grows back. Never shave or tweeze between your waxing appointments, this throws off your hair growth pattern and you will never have the smooth skin you want.

Home Care

Now you have smooth beautiful skin and you want to keep it that way. Home care is a must and it is easy to follow. Exfoliate 3 times a week to avoid dead skin build up and ingrown hair. Moisturize every day to keep your skin and hair soft  and use sun block., freshly waxed skin will be prone to sunburn.  

Ingrown Hairs

If you are prone to ingrown hairs and want to prevent them, do not wait until they become an issue to address them. Apply Relax & Wax Get the Bump Outta Here! morning and night to keep them away. Get The Bump Outta Here! is a ingrown hair treatment for men and women. It is formulated for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Continue exfoliating 3 times a week. The key to avoiding ingrown hair is consistent mild exfoliation. Use Scrub me Luscious Body Scrub 3 times a week along with daily use of Get The Bump Outta Here! to keep your skin free from ingrown hairs. If you get an infected ingrown hair, use a Q-tip and apply hydrogen peroxide to the area. This will help kill the infection. 

Don’t Touch!

Though you may want to continuously touch your freshly waxed, soft skin.. Don’t!! Not without clean hands at least. Your hair follicles are open and prone to infection at this time. So do not pick or scratch! Picking causes scars. No swimming for 24 hours. This includes lakes, pools, and hot tubs. No sex for 24 hours. Men, bring a clean shirt for your back and or chest waxing. The shirt you wore in, if you did any sweating, will contain bacteria.

Stay In Touch 

Don’t be afraid to reach out to us at Relax & Wax if you have any questions about your next waxing appointment. Though we can’t physically be there at your next appointment, we’re only one short email away!

Pro Tip 

Pro tip: If you have or have ever had a problem with bumping, which looks like a breakout, it is actually your follicles reacting to your waxing. This is commonly called a histamine reaction.  A triple antibiotic for burns, such as Polysporin or Benadryl for allergies, may alleviate the symptoms.  We recommend you always speak with your doctor prior to taking any medications, even over the counter medications. This reaction can last up to 2 weeks but usually a day or two.  Do not pick at it, it will make it worse.  The more you wax on schedule the less this will happen.

Scrub Me Luscious Lemon Drop

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No Scream Cream

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No Trauma Momma 

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Get The Bump Outta Here!

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Waxing Survival Kit

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