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*Ultra Refined Hard Wax Muffins - 2.2 lbs

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This formula has the same three ingredients as our original wax formula, The difference is an added refining process. This wax has a softer consistency and you will need to apply this wax with a thinner application and ultimately use less wax. It is recommended for drier climates. We do not recommend this wax for use in higher humidity climates. In humid climate, the wax takes longer to set up and remains soft.

Why are we offering this ultra refined Colophonium Rosin? Our wax is a natural product, free from chemicals and polymer (plastic). Rosin being a natural product can occasionally crystallize. This extra refining process is to eliminate the possibility of the wax crystalizing.

We are currently working on making this rosin available to all climates but for now it works best in a drier climate

    The Key ingredient is Colophonium rosin. This is a highly refined rosin. As with all Relax & wax, waxes our key ingredients are actually our lack of ingredients! With less ingredients and added fillers your clients will have less reaction, less irritation, less discomfort, and will leave with smooth soft skin.
    Colophonium rosin, vegetable oil, microcrystalline wax, essential oil
    Relax & Wax hard wax is very user friendly, it will make your waxing much easier. Your wax should have a “crust” at the top. Never stir your hard wax! Stirring will cause air bubbles in your wax and you will miss hair. Simply move the “crust” to the side, the wax underneath will be the perfect temperature. Our hard wax is very pliable and will work with you, not against you. Our hard wax should be on the thick side, it will drip easily from your applicator, but not be runny. A runny wax is a wax that is too hot. We do not add any polymer (plastic) to any of our waxes. Our hard wax will not break on you when applied correctly. This wax is ideal for Brazilian and facial waxing. It will move with you making your job easier. You should always use a drop of pre and post Tea Tree oil to protect and nourish the skin prior to waxing. Relax & Wax pre and post oil is a very highly refined vegetable oil that will not clog pores. We recommend Tea Tree oil for its antibacterial properties. You need just a drop prior to wax application. If you use too much your wax will not adhere and will roll on the skin. If you have applied too much oil, simply blot with a tissue and continue. With proper application, using the correct angle and using some pressure, you should only need to do one strip. Remember, you must get the wax to the base of the hair and to the skin. Hard wax works by shrink wrapping around the hair and provides less chance of breaking hair. I also recommend that the width of your wax strip should equal the width of your stick. This again, will result in less hair breakage and a lot less discomfort for your client. If your client has coarse hair you may need to layer the wax. Hard wax works best, for that one pull, if all the hair is incased in the wax. Relax & Wax hard wax is a very quick drying wax. However, for warmer parts of the body you may leave it on longer and it will not break on you. If you make a not so perfect application, just simply add more wax and move on. Once your wax is dry to the touch, flip the end and pull parallel to the skin in a quick pull. If you leave a few hairs, simply apply a second coat of wax, it is safe to go over the area again with hard wax. Remember to end your wax strip in an area where there is no hair and to make a “handle” for easy removal. Ideal temperature is between 130-135 degrees for our low temperature wax.

    Hard Wax Muffin Update 

    Relax & Wax Muffin Update


    In this video, Debbie explains the difference between our Original Hard Wax formula and the new Ultra Refined Colophonium muffins. These two formulas have the same three ingredients, the only difference is an added refining process to the colophonium rosin to eliminate crystalizing. 

    We do not recommend this wax for use in higher humidity climates.

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